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restaurant hood cleaning Virginia Beach
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United Technologies Services: Commercial Vent Cleaning, Filter Cleaning, & Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance.

Your Richmond commercial kitchen deserves the best clean money can buy. If you want to avoid the hassle of choosing the wrong companies over and over, Virginia Hood Cleaners is here to save you! We offer comprehensive services that will keep your kitchen hood and exhaust system clean and improve the overall cleanliness of your commercial kitchen!

Why Clean Your Kitchen Vent Hood Exhaust?

Although you can’t see what’s inside your kitchen hoods and exhaust system, you should be very concerned about what’s up there! Grease, smoke, soot, and many other dangerous and disgusting particles are trapped in the filters and duct work, and only an experienced team can thoroughly remove this residue. If you want to be completely sure that your kitchen hoods and commercial exhaust system is professionally clean, choose an expert team like Virginia Hood Cleaners!

We know the Richmond Hood Cleaning industry from top to bottom!

Richmond hood cleaning should be done according to local and national standards. If you own or manage a cooking establishment in Richmond VA, you’re subject to some type of regulations. As the responsible party, you’re supposed to know what these minimum standards are, but we know how overwhelming it can be to keep up with every rule and regulation that applies to your Richmond restaurant, hotel, or cafe.

Instead of driving yourself crazy trying to keep up with it all, depend on Virginia Hood Cleaners for expert knowledge of industry guidelines and standards. We can inform you about which hood cleaning schedule is intended for your commercial hoods, and we can help you keep up with your regular cleanings with appointment reminders so you never miss one!

Regularly Scheduled Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Is A Critical Part Of Restaurant Cleaning

We also know the thoroughness with which your Richmond hood cleaning should be done. National standards set forth by the NFPA 96 suggests that a bare metal clean is best, but some companies simply can’t deliver results that complete. Virginia Hood Cleaners can provide you with before and after photos of some of our most extreme cases, and we can give you references who will be more than happy to tell you about the amazing results we’ve been able to achieve for them!

Benefits of Commercial Hood Cleaning Services

If you’ve been a business owner or manager for very long, especially in the food service industry, you know that just a few bad reviews that mention a dirty cooking and/or dining environment is all could take to shut your kitchen down for good! Virginia Hood Cleaning can help you prevent that devastating possibility with comprehensive hood cleaning Richmond businesses need!

We offer every single customer the same impressive list of benefits! Professional hood cleaning can do all of the following:

Help you maintain a high health and safety rating 

You want to proudly post a 100 on your wall, and we can help you do that with a variety of services that target several different areas of your commercial kitchen. We clean the kitchen hoods, cooking equipment, and any other surfaces that may be affected during your routine cooking practices.

Keep your kitchen comfortable for employees

A properly functioning exhaust system keeps the air in your commercial fresh and flowing. This means that your employees will have a cool, pleasant environment to do their best work in.

Eliminate respiratory triggers and germs

Hood cleaning Richmond restaurants receive from our team will keep your staff and customers healthier in several ways. First, we’ll be able to remove contaminants that may otherwise settle onto the food you serve. Also, we can reduce the likelihood that flu and other contagious conditions are passed around your staff, and finally, our services will benefit anyone who has allergies or a sensitive respiratory system.

Maximize the lifespan of your kitchen equipment

All of your commercial cooking equipment will benefit from consistent cleaning. When you keep the motors and moving parts clear of grease, dust, and residue, you’ll have fewer breakdowns and save a lot of money on unneeded repairs and equipment replacement.

Reduce the risk of a major kitchen fire

Hood cleaning Richmond businesses ask for is often an attempt to prevent fires. Grease buildup in  your commercial kitchen exhaust system is exactly what a fire needs in order to take off, destroying your restaurant kitchen.

Virginia Hood Cleaners can handle every aspect of your commercial kitchen cleaning, including the most thorough hood cleaning service Richmond business owners could ask for. When you need hood cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning, grease trap cleaning, or any one of our other professional services, don’t hesitate to call! We’ll come out as soon as possible to do a complete inspection and get you started with Richmond hood cleaning services you’ll be 100% satisfied with! 
restaurant hood cleaning Virginia Beach
restaurant hood cleaning Virginia Beach

    Richmond Hood Cleaners - Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning 11201 Carrington Green Dr. Glen Allen, VA 23060 (804) 593-0430
    Richmond Hood Cleaners - Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning 11201 Carrington Green Dr. Glen Allen, VA 23060 (804) 593-0430
    Richmond Hood Cleaners - Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning 11201 Carrington Green Dr. Glen Allen, VA 23060 (804) 593-0430
    Richmond Hood Cleaners - Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning 11201 Carrington Green Dr. Glen Allen, VA 23060 (804) 593-0430

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