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United Technologies Services: Commercial Vent Cleaning, Filter Cleaning, & Kitchen Exhaust Maintenance.

Virginia Beach has a reliable company to call for their hood cleaning services. Virginia Hood Cleaners has

the experience and training to get your commercial kitchen as clean as you want it to be!

Over the years, you may have lost hope of ever seeing the shiny stainless steel of your commercial

cooking equipment, but you’re actually closer to that goal than you realize! Virginia Hood Cleaners can

give you the hood cleaning Virginia Beach restaurants need to make their kitchens look dazzling again!

Services Available from Virginia Hood Cleaners

Our services are comprehensive. Beginning with your commercial kitchen hood, we can professionally

clean every part of your kitchen exhaust system, giving you the most thorough clean your commercial

kitchen has ever had, guaranteed.

We offer all of the following services. You may choose one, several, or all of them in order to achieve

your personal standards for a clean kitchen as well as the standards set forth by the NFPA and your local

safety inspectors.

Commercial Hood Cleaning

Your Virginia Beach hood cleaning is the most important step in keeping your commercial kitchen clean.

The hood is responsible for filtering out all the smoke, grease, and odors from your kitchen into the

exhaust system, and if it is dirty, it won’t function correctly, making it impossible for you to maintain a

high level of clean in your kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

The exhaust system is everything between your kitchen hood and the exterior exhaust fan. The ducts

are extremely hard to clean because you can’t see inside them – let alone reach the residue inside –

without the proper tools. Virginia Hood Cleaners has the equipment to safely and effectively clean the

inside of your kitchen exhaust system as often as needed.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

All of your commercial kitchen equipment can benefit from a professional cleaning every once in a

while, including fryers, ovens, stoves, mixers, microwaves, and even your food prep areas. Virginia

Beach kitchen cleaning is taken one step further when our teams peek behind your equipment to see if

the floor and walls need to be degreased a well!

Grease Trap Cleaning

The grease trap of your commercial exhaust system has a very specific purpose. If it gets caked and

clogged with grease, it can no longer do that very important job! Let Virginia Hood Cleaners keep an eye

on your grease trap in order to make your system work as efficiently as possible! We can check the 

grease trap when we perform your routine Virginia Beach hood cleaning, or we can do a grease trap

cleaning in between your scheduled services.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

The exhaust fan is an important part of your ventilation system, but it, too, can get so covered in grease

that it can no longer work properly. Our technicians take the time to take your exhaust fan apart in

order to clean each part thoroughly before reinstalling it. In addition, an exhaust fan that is completely

covered in grease will sling it onto the roof, sidewalk, or dumpster area nearby. Our cleaning services

cover these areas as well, just in case.

Exhaust Fan Hinge Installation

The exhaust fan of most modern ventilation systems is mounted on hinges so that it can easily be moved

out of the way for exhaust system cleaning. If you have an older system that needs this update, Virginia

Hood Cleaners can quickly install hinges on your exhaust fan. This will make it even easier for us to clean

your ductwork in the future.

Access Panel Installation

Current laws require access panels to be installed in your Virginia Beach kitchen exhaust system. We can

explain exactly how this affects your business and the consequences of not having the correct spacing

between your access panels. Then, we can do the installation for you so that you’re compliant with

these strict federal regulations.

Hood cleaning services Virginia Beach restaurants want are available from your neighborhood kitchen

cleaning company, Virginia Hood Cleaners! We work hard to give our customers what they need to keep

their doors open, and we go beyond that, offering many more benefits of our professional service.

You can expect a cleaner kitchen once we’re finished since your kitchen exhaust system will be working

better than ever. You’ll also see an improvement in the morale and attendance of your employees

because your commercial kitchen will be a pleasant, comfortable place to work that is also free of

toxins, pollutants, and allergens.

See what a difference professional hood cleaning can make with Virginia Hood Cleaners! 

restaurant hood cleaning Virginia Beach
restaurant hood cleaning Virginia Beach

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